Saturday, July 28, 2007

Plant a sapling day.

(Photo courtesy of eBay....)

It's World* Tree Day tomorrow (29th July - 27th for schools).

Tree's are pretty nifty things - they supply food, homes, wood, refuge, solace, oxygen, prevent erosion, strengthen embankments, create stable micro climates, etc. Only 1.5% of Australians had a go last year, planting just over 5 trees each.

It'll be nice to be able to point out to your grand kids "see that tree there little Timmy? Right next to it is a block of flats, and your old Pa planted a native blackwood there. Before it was 'dozed and turned into the very same paper used to make your report card." Timmy: "Wow! Your occasional bouts of lucidity really undermine the rampant senility!" You: "Ya-huh, just get in the hover-car."

Or something like that. I don't imagine the tree you plant can withstand the urban expansion for too long - not much is held sacred these days. You don't have to hug it, just plant it - because trees can't plant themselves y'know.

* - actually it's just an Australian thing - Planet Ark's National Tree Day - not official or anything.



At 11:42 pm, August 28, 2007, Blogger Kieran said...

Yay, feel good symbolic acts?

Now onto doing something real...

At 7:02 am, October 18, 2007, Anonymous weez said...

c'mon Larry, write more! Missing your sharp stylus.

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